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Welcome to my blog.  If you are following the Design Surface Patterns from Scratch blog hop you will have just hopped over from Patti Sokol and will be heading on to Anna Garriga next.

Between Make It In Design ‘s (MIID) Summer School and the start of Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (ABSPD) Module 2 I had some free time.  It just happened that Bonnie of Going Home To Roost had her Creativelive class running.  Perfect timing I thought.  It had been recommended to me by some friends and it lived up to the praise.

This post showcases the collection I built during the course and how I have changed my design process through what I have learnt from Bonnie.


Above is the main design from my first collection.  Although it is Autumn in the UK I chose English Spring Meadow as my starting point, daisys, buttercups, and clover.  I also knew I wanted a bright (Bright Spring Meadow) and a light (Sweet Spring Meadow) colour scheme.

bright spring meadow

My designs up to now have always been sketched in black ink and then live traced using Adobe Illustrator.  Bonnie demonstrated several techniques including hand tracing with blob brush – the main technique used in my design.

sweet spring meadow

I created six designs for my collection.I wanted a strong main design and then used elements to create five further designs to compliment. This is something that I enjoyed as it makes a more cohesive final collection.  I love the way that the two colour ways really change the personality of the collections.  I can see the Bright Spring Meadow appealing to girls and would love to design children’s wear and stationery.  I can see the Sweet Spring Meadow in home wear or quilting. These are other markets I would like to work in.there's room for you

I will be creating my own lightbox to take my own photos for using as inspiration for future collections. I will also be producing some digital printables soon. I love the phrase above “There’s room for you” on Bonnies digital printable.  I would like to try out some hand drawn typography. Since creating these collections I have made them available through Society6 and RedBubble.



I am also making them available through digital fabric printers Spoonflower and Printmepretty (UK) once the proofs come back

If you think the course sounds like what you’ve been looking for, you can sign up for it here.  I really enjoyed it and found that I learnt so much from the videos.  There was plenty of content and the entire design process was explained really well.

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